Jude & Di Love… Rollers R2

Our Mum In Translation blogger brings us the next review of the Rollers R2.

I was recently sent the Roller R2 to review for my son who is 2 1/2 years old. He has already tried a mini scooter and balance bike so we were excited to try something different.

On receiving the big box with the photo on the front my son was hugely excited and jumped around the kitchen whilst I opened the box up. He wanted to start using it immediately but the Roller requires a small amount of assembly. The product came in 3 main parts plus some small screws and clamps, which should be a 5 minute job but I would have liked simpler instructions to help speed things up as my son was anxiously waiting to use the scooter. That said however, the parts are very lightweight but strong so it is easily a job for one person and all the tools are included which is great.

Once it was assembled we first tried the R2 without the seat – as the Inline Scooter. It was good in that the wheels were big and strong and the footplate is nice and wide. He could understand the concept of scooting but his balance is not quite advanced enough to successfully scoot on 2 wheels yet, so we put the seat on to make the Balance Bike, which was a simple case of clicking it into the frame. He was really excited when he saw this and immediately sat down steering the bike around whilst using his feet to move.

He found it very comfortable and easy and we made a successful trip to the shops and back with him happily rolling along. It felt safe to watch him on the Roller as it is low to the ground and cannot go too fast as his feet stopped him – perfect for his age group and now his ‘transport of choice’.

The best thing about the Roller as a parent is the weight – it’s easy to take places and sling on to the back of the pram. It is also quick to set up (subject to simpler instructions) and will last for a good few years once he grows and can use the scooter without the seat and raise the handlebars.


The Rollers R2 is now available to buy in pink or blue at Argos.