Fisher-Price My Potty Buddy

The Fisher Price My Potty Buddy. Provides realistic toilet elements mixed with fun rewards and encouragement. The realistic yet whimsical look familiarizes the child with a real toilet that includes a ‘chrome’ flush handle with a click, a retractable toilet paper roll holder and a fully functioning seat with lid. Toddlers are rewarded with 5 phrases and 2 sing along training songs for contributions. There are 2 stages of use, the full potty on the floor for the beginner with an easy clean bucket, and 2 the seat and lid come off and snap onto the adult seat to help transition to the big potty. A guard for boys is included. 

Fisher-Price Cheer for Me Potty

First of all it looks just like a big potty, only it’s their size. The perfect size at that. Her feet touch the ground perfectly. It has a cute smiley face on the ‘tank’ part, which is a great back rest. The lid easily opens and closes just like a big potty. It also has a handle so the child can ‘flush’ and on the opposite side of the ‘tank’ a retractable toilet paper holder that holds any size toilet paper roll. If you don’t want to put the paper on it, just push holder in and it’s gone! The other awesome feature is it fits perfectly to a big size toilet seat. At first I wasn’t sure it was going to fit, I thought my seat was to small, but then I pushed it down until it snapped into place and WOW…it fits nice and snug! Doesn’t move around or slide at all!! AND there are NO gaps between the little seat and the big seat. It’s a perfect fit. To remove it, simply squeeze in the clips underneath and take it off. On top of ALL of these great features, it also has a sensor so it sings once the child goes potty. You don’t even need a lot. I poured in a very small amount to test it first to see how loud it was or how much it would take to set it off and it goes off immediately once anything touches the sensor, which is located at the center bottom of the removable bowl. It plays a little child’s voice singing a happy song, tells them to use paper and flush and is not to loud or annoying. For kids that might be frightened of it, you can very easily turn it off on a switch under the unit.The product is strong and will last through several potty trainers.