Potty Training Babies

There are many products and advice out there about training babies. A product on the market today is about training babies between the age of birth and 6 months old.


It is a practice of awareness in which the caregiver observes and responds to their baby when the child is communicating regarding their elimination needs. It significantly reduces and/or eliminates the need for diapers. This concept involves observing a baby’s signals and daily patterns, and providing an elimination place, position and cue.


So how do you know when the baby is ready to elimante? Babies cry, whine, fuss or use body language when they have to go. When they need to have a bowel movement, usually they will stop what they are doing, stare off into space or squat.


It requires holding the baby over the potty for approximately 20 seconds while using conditioning as the child eliminates to reinforce the behavior and encourage the same behavior on command.


One such product video is included here for your view. It is a about 2 minute trailer video that gives you a general idea of the techinque.


Babies On Potties- The #1 Guide for Parents!- Uses a PROVEN Scientific Method for Potty Training.